Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Freshers - welcome to Loughborough

I couldn't let Fresher's Week go by without doing something specifically designed for you.

Ok, so you've got your loan through (maybe even grants) and suddenly you've got thousands in your bank account right? Wrong! Tempting as it may seem to have a splash out in Topshop and Miss Selfridge making full use of your student discount or even Primark, stop and think. Believe me I'm talking from experience (I still have clothes I bought in first year of uni I've probably worn twice). You get that money for a reason and technically it's not yours, yes go shopping but watch you don't get too excited with your new found fortune.

Now you don't need me patronising you, just watch the pennies or you'll see yourself totally skint by the end of the term with no money left for drink, clothes or even food! And ok so if you're from a big city Loughborough doesn't exactly offer the height of fashion but it's there if you look.

Meanwhile I want to hear from you, in the hope of maybe doing a fashion tip of the month for those on a budget.

It' s open to everyone. Whether you're out shopping and spot a bargain you think we should know about or think of a new way to reuse something old, I want to know. Contact me on

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