Friday, 10 October 2008

Stocking filler ideas

Yes I know I don't like the fact people are talking about Christmas already either but I'm writing this post anyway. You never know, if you're wondering what to get someone it might even help.

Colleen Rooney is not at the top of my list for people I would feature on here but she's written - well her name's on the book anyway - a style book so I couldn't not feature it really. Now this isn't a review because I haven't read it all but from what I have read it's actually pretty good - as long as you can get past the idea of learning all about the daily routines of a wag .

It's got some good advice, including make-up tips, shopping tips and just general fashion tips, and it's littered with lots of pretty clothes to look at. There is a lot of "I do this" to the extent where I started thinking so what! but I guess you expect that really.

But for anyone who, like me, can't bring herself to buy anything with a wag's face on the front, Gok Wan also has his own book (actually he's got a couple) which might be worth a look. It's by the same publisher and actually looks pretty much the same inside but costs 50p more so I'll leave that one up to you.

Colleen's Real Style is available on Amazon for £8.99. Gok Wan: How to Dress is available for £9.49.

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christmas said...

I love your taste. Do you have to leave an orange, a nut and a coin at the bottom of the stocking? Where does that come from!? My best stocking filler so far are the little packets of snowflake window stickers - Loving it already!