Sunday, 21 September 2008

London Fashion Week

Ok so it's hard enough accepting that it's almost winter, never mind trying to take in the key trends for Spring/Summer 09 but I can't let London Fashion Week pass me by without doing something on it.

My cynical eye goes berserk watching fashion shows. Firstly because of all the emaciated models - I find myself having to stop myself from screaming EAT SOMETHING - and secondly because most normal people wouldn't be seen dead in half of the things you see on the catwalk (and well let's face it we couldn't fit into it either). Nevertheless, these arguments are old and boring now and well fashion shows are still really exciting no matter how skinny the models are.
I'm not going to go through each designer one by one, quite frankly because I don't have the time, but here are some of the things that caught my eye.

Whether you like bright colours and outlandish patterns or something more subdued and sophisticated, London Fashion week, in association with French Connection, had something for pretty much everyone.

Firstly, tights. Eley Kishimoto had matching tights down to a tee, with each pair carefully orchestrated to match the outfits. There were even dresses in this collection I could actually see myself wearing - as opposed to some of those by Christopher Kane were some of the models looked more like Christmas trees and House of Holland where some of the models just looked plain ridiculous!
Now I always thought Jaeger was a designer only fit for the likes of my mum - and even then she'd started turning her nose up at it. But with its new look, I have to say I'm jumping on the Jaeger London bandwagon. Some of next season's collection was beautiful and if I could afford it I'd even consider buying some of it. If you've got a wedding coming up, I'd certainly recommend having a look!

Something I was really looking forward to after last season's offering was Luella's collection. I have to say I was a bit disappointed as it wasn't quite as quirky as her last collection. Her ditsy prints are still here (as is the orange) and there are more of her signature dresses as worn by Alexa Chung. But although there's still the fun come to be expected from her, this season's collection saw a more grown up Luella girl, with an abundance of pearls and tailoring.

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