Friday, 19 September 2008

Definitely a must-read

Thought I had to put this up.

Got a press release through from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), which has produced a unique fashion workout designed to help people get the most out of this season's must have trends.

Firstly all you ladies (maybe even men - see last post) who have been wearing the sky-high stilettos in the shops recently, think again. Regular heel wearers can apparently shorten their calf muscles and throw their whole body out of alignment (argh) and bad shoes can cause bunions, blisters, pain in your ankles, knees and legs. The answer? Wearing different types of shoes of course with preferably with wider, chunkier heels, but if you insist on the razor sharp type...

"In your bare feet you can exercise your calf muscles and take them through their full range of movement. Standing safely on the edge a bottom step, drop your heels as far as they can comfortably go so that you are feeling a stretch in your calf muscles. Hold for 10 seconds then roll on to your tiptoes. Repeat this five times."

Next up is underwear.

How many of you are wearing the wrong size? Probably more than 70% of you! Wearing the wrong bra size not only looks bad but also puts you at risk of neck and shoulder pain, pinched nerve in the neck and sagging boobs - great excuse to go bra shopping eh?

As for using support pants as an alternative to exercise, that just doesn't wash with this lot. They say the key tp getting a smooth and firm bum is exercise - try these:
  • go for a brisk walk, taking big strides to work your buttock muscles;

  • standing on your left leg, holding your tummy in, lift your right leg straight back 10 times, without resting. Swap legs. Do the same, lifting your right leg straight out to the side. Swap legs ·

  • Standing tall, squeeze your buttock muscles as hard as possible, hold for 10 seconds and do this 10 times.

Bags are my biggest problem - and not just mine apparently with bag-related injuries on the increase (symptoms can range from headaches, postural problems, and neck and shoulder pain). A safe weight limit for handbags is to carry no more than a couple of pounds and backpack users shouldn't carry more than 10 per cent of their body weight.

Opt for a wider strap to spread the load and switch sides regularly and use your hands and shoulders. Wrap-around backpacks are good in that they keep the weight of a bag close to your body reducing the risk of injury.

The last tips are about belts as they're apparently great for improving your breathing. Here are some of the physio's tips:

  • Breathing in through your nose, bring the air into your tummy and let it push against your belt. Hold for five seconds and release. Do this three times every hour. This will promote deeper breathing, help you take on more oxygen and facilitates the elimination of carbon dioxide

  • If you feel your midriff beginning to bulge above and below the belt, counter the sagging by standing or sitting tall, lengthening your spine and draw your belly button towards your spine without holding your breath.

So there we are, fashion and exercise all rolled into one! Think I deserve a rest now..

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