Wednesday, 22 April 2009

You know what they say about men with big feet...big shoes of course!

Am I the only person who, while trying to be a serious journalist and watch the budget yesterday, couldn't help noticing the size of Alistair Darling's shoes?!
Just a little something to brighten up the mood seeing as the government's made sure I won't be able to afford designer clothes anytime soon.

But all is not lost...TK Maxx, in association with Look magazine, is offering a £250 shopping spree to celebrate its new season of spring dresses.

To get the money though you've got to work for it - by telling TK Maxx why you deserve to be dressed up.

Entries so far include:

“Because I've been invited to the Cannes Film Festival and I have no classy evening dress to wear. I need your help so I can look amazing next to all the stars.”

“Being a new mum to my five month old daughter. I spend my days covered in everything. Wearing nice dresses is not an option most of the time. For my birthday my husband has got us a night away at a lovely hotel with dinner. A new dress would make the evening even more special. Especially since I can't fit into any of my old ones!”

Simply go to and you'll find the competition on there. Good luck!

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