Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Can he fix it? You bet he can

He's ba-aack.

I named my blog after him so it was pretty obvious I couldn't let the first episode in the new series of Gok's Fashion Fix let me pass me by without a post.

And this season has a new twist with the phrase "shop less, wear more". Women apprently only wear 30 per cent of their wardrobe so Gok's now challenging us all to limit our outfits to just 24 key pieces - yes ladies 24 (as opposed to 124)! This will certainly be an interesting series I'm sure.

Your capsule should consist of:

1 pair of well fitting jeans

6 tops

1 pair of trousers

1 skirt

2 jackets

1 coat or mac

2 versatile dresses

4 pairs of shoes

1 wide belt

1 pair of statement gloves

2 bags

2 scarves

NO WAY could I do that - how much washing would you have to do? And I find it difficult just to get rid of one item and I have two double wardrobes crammed with the stuff!
I do like the idea of slim-lining my wardrobe a bit though but maybe sticking to 50 items (although I don't even know if I could stick to 100). Let's have a go - if you manage it let me know :)

I'll just leave you with the awful quote of the evening? "It's so beautiful it's like an angel sneezed on it" - oh dear god someone pass me the sick bag (Not a Gok quote by the way, I don't think I'd be able to look at him the same way again)

1 comment:

aphrodites-nightie said...

I loved the show so much!

I didn't like the colours though. I would like to do a capsule wardrobe but with my statement colour as pink rather then red. Although I then need other colours to go with it. Maybe grey as the neutral with lavender and eau de nil for the tops and prussian blue and forest green as the accessories colours!

So confusing! I hope he does different colours next week!