Thursday, 4 March 2010

Get your Gagas out

Now I'm not one for celeb copying but this is just funny:

New research by, which works with high street brands to copy celebrity outfits, has found that 25% of 1,326 women would be happy to bear their breasts in the name of fashion - Lady Gaga styley.

Of the women polled, 302 said they would be happy to reveal their breasts under a lace top, although only 25 of them would go so far as to wear a lace dress and would opt to wear a pair of modesty concealing briefs if they did so. 85% of women said they would be willing to wear a lace top but would opt to wear a bra or boob tube underneath.

Andy Barr, marketing director of, said: "We have definitely seen a growing trend in the popularity in the number of lace and other provocative items being bought from the site, so we decided to conduct a poll to see how just how much women out there were willing to flaunt.
"We are surprised just how many would show off their assets, but women out there are getting increasingly fashion focused and the majority of the population are not as surprised by nudity as they once were."

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