Tuesday, 21 July 2009

£10 fashion finds

Oops it's been more than a month since I last wrote on here...

But fear not dear Fashion Fix followers, I'm back.

I for one am sick of the credit crunch but I will never be sick of beating it so here's another website to add to your list!

Why not take a look at http://www.10orless.co.uk/. You won't be finding any designer nuggets of joy like in my last Luella post but you will find high street bargains from the likes of New Look, Miss Selfridge and Peacocks all under £10. I even found something from Tatty Devine and Calvin Klein (a pair of socks before you get excited).
It's like a search engine, you click on the image and it takes you to the website, so no more searching through pages among pages of sale items you're not interested in - this does it all for you!
And before you turn your nose up thinking it's going to be the cheap tack no-one wants, think again. Ok some of it's horrible, I'll give you that, but hey if I wasn't so skint on lowly reporter's wages (yes I know feel sorry for me) I'd be buying some of it myself. Especially if I could afford to go on holiday as there's cheap bikinis on there.
It also has beauty products (cue cheap French Connection products if there's anyone's birthday coming up).
Take a look, definitely worth a try.

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