Thursday, 4 June 2009

Where've you been all my life?!

Reading through Elle this month (go out and buy it by the way there's a gorgeous Urban Outfitters bag - I got the stripy one) I turned to the workwear bit as usual. A lot of the time the stuff on this page is totally inappropriate for my job (can't wear shorts no matter how smart to go and speak to an old couple or a parent who's just lost their child) but this month it was the Elle edits that stuck in my mind, with many little bits that could just make some of life's annoying little quirks go away forever.

Firstly, Miss Oops the Rescue Sponge, the dry sponge which removes make-up marks and food stains from your clothes - absolutely perfect for the original Miss Oops here!
Apparently you just wipe it on the mark and it disappears. You get two in the pack and they're reusable - and cost just £8.
Take a look for yourself at


Next we have another ingenious invention (and this one actually makes me want to seek out and kiss the inventor), the handbag liner by Tintamar.

This crafty little invention means you never have to worry about forgetting something when swapping your handbags (which I do a lot).
It's basically just a bag with different compartments that fits inside your bag. It comes in different styles and different colours to suit your bag. They're quite expensive though, costing £23 for the basic bag. But hey, if you're anywhere near as forgetful as me and could use this everyday it might just be the item you're looking for.

Find this at


Right I think that's enough of me selling things without making any money for it for one day. Now I need something to complain about again..

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