Thursday, 20 November 2008

Highcross Leicester

A thousand apologies for not writing on here in over a month, it won't happen again.

It may have taken me a while but I finally visited it - and I liked what I saw!

Having attended the Derby Westfield opening back in October last year (the first in the country to be owned by the same company) I had high expectations. I'd never been to Leicester before so that was an experience in itself - it took a little while to find but then again my sense of direction has never been a strong point!

Inside I suddenly heard my former editor screaming in my ears - "it looks the same as every other bloody shopping centre, you could anywhere!" Yes you could be anywhere - and it is exactly the same as every other shopping centre - but it's definitely worth a look, especially with Christmas coming and sale days already beginning courtesy of the credit crunch (oh and the new House of Fraser outlet store offering up to 50% off which opens this Saturday).
Leicester's worth checking out too while you're there. Make a day of it.

Next up the new Westfield centre in London...

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