Tuesday, 23 February 2010

TAKE a look at this picture, notice anything unusual?
I didn't because these mannequins look like regular women and that's exactly what I will be saying to Debenhams when I am asked for my feedback as a customer.
Ok so we're not all size 16s but let's face it, although many of us would like to be, we're not uber skinny either. These show customers exactly what the clothes will look like - saving us the horror from the changing rooms when such a fabulous dress "doesn't look like it did on the mannequin".
Apparently normal mannequins are a size 10 but having worked in the fashion industry I find that hard to believe to be honest considering size 6s sometimes need pinning because they look too big.
The size 16 mannequins were unveiled last Thursday at the store's Oxford Street Branch and will eventually be rolled out across the country to get feedback from customers.
This, in my humble opinion, is the start of a long battle in trying to make stores show 'real' women and real sizes. Well done Debenhams (and Gok if this had anything to do with you)!

Oh, and if you want to see what they look like next to a 'normal' mannequin, here you go:

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