Saturday, 23 May 2009

The legendary Y-Front goes female

For the first time in its 75 year history, Jockey, the original maker of Y-Fronts, is updating the brief by introducing a new range for women!

Now I've fashioned the girl-boxers like the best of them and have even bought men's boxers for bed but Y-fronts? Really?

I have to say actually the picture here doesn't do it justice, having gone on the Jockey website to see what the rest of the women's collection looks like they don't actually look that bad (but I'd recommend the bikini style not the brief). Still don't think I'll be buying them though..


Isaac Ashe said...

Isn't the whole idea behind Y-fronts to facilitate easy access to the todger, making the concept of a female Y-front pointless?

Sabrina Johnson said...

I'm a massive fan of the Y-fronts - they are so comfortable. Topshop did some immense versions with catwoman and wonderwoman prints. Now an ordinary girl like me still looks feminine, has comfy pants and doesn't need to look like she's having a crisis in sexuality.