Friday, 23 January 2009

Eau de burger?

Ok so I said I wouldn't leave it so long again - no excuse really other than Christmas laziness but I'm back now ready to face the new year and (hopefully) packed with enough opinions to punch even the strongest kangaroo.

As much as I hate to go with tradition and follow the crowd, I can't let my first post of the year pass me by without talking about the recession.

I couldn't believe my eyes seeing all the posts on my Google reader. I guess it was obvious to most people but I would never have thought the likes of Chanel would be affected by the credit crunch, plastering sale signs on its windows for the first time and laying off staff. What is this world coming to?
Nevermind we must remain positive - and so my only New Year's Resolution is to try and cheer everyone up!

So get ready for lots of money saving posts and quirky fashion stories I pick up on my travels.

Not strictly fashion I know but the first has to be Burger King's new 'scent'...

Flame is a men's body spray that smells like “flame-broiled” meat! For God's sake have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? And you can actually buy this for $3.99!Who on Earth would buy this?
I'm not kidding this is real, don't believe me? Watch this:

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