Thursday, 11 December 2008

Damn the rich!

I went, I saw and I conquered (but not as much as I wanted to)

Imagine a room the size of a concert venue and fill it with thousands of women and screaming teenagers. What have you got? The Clothes Show of course!
A day's worth of fashion shows and bargain shopping cheap enough for anyone (even me) to be able to afford and for a minute I was officially in heaven. But unfortunately journalist's wages aren't as glamorous as everyone seems to imagine and so I was stuck with one t-shirt :(
Cue me scowling at every rich woman with six or seven huge bags of bargains - and secretly wishing I was them. Nevermind, I thought, I'm here for the experience.
And an experience it definitely was. Great for Hollyoaks and Shipwrecked fans with semi-naked men aplenty. But on a more serious note the clothes were absolutely fantastic.
The fashion theatre saw six or seven different scenes, each with a different theme, from beachwear to English classic and of course Christmas ball. The choreography meant everyone was kept well entertained - but it was quite hard to concentrate on the clothes with all the dancing going off.
The designer catwalk in the main room gave me more of the fashion fix I craved, showing six designers straight from London Fashion Week. Ever since chavs came in and totally crashed the whole Burberry scene Daniella Westbrook style I've been far from a fan but I liked pretty much everything in the Autumn/Winter collection (unfortunately). There was plenty of futuristic randomness that you would expect from high-end designers but by far my favourite - for the sheer fun factor - was Jean Charles De Castlebajac. He's a hard designer to explain but I smiled all the way through, especially with his Barack Obama I have a Dream dress. I think the best way of explaining is to show you so visit
The Maybelline stage gave everyone a chance to see the young designers of the future and the latest collection from New Look - which was unbelievably disappointing.

By 6pm I'd officially shopped til I dropped and my body was screaming at me to leave.
Overall verdict? Not enough freebies (in fact none spring to mind other than a voucher book with online discounts and the odd ones snapped up by the screaming kids at the various stages) but still a great day out. Bring on next year (although I'd better start saving now)

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